Benefits of a School Based SLP Position

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Working in the schools allows you to work with diverse children of all ages and skill levels. Whether its rural, suburban, or urban settings you are looking for, school-based therapy can get your feet firmly in an area that suits you. Practicing in a school also means variety. You may work with individuals, small groups, or share your expertise within a classroom setting. Another terrific benefit of working in a school setting is the family friendly work schedules available. Whether it be summer vacations or paid holidays, school therapy allows for more flexibility and additional income opportunities like private sessions and summer school options. You may also be eligible for loan forgiveness, sign-on bonuses, or relocation expenses, depending on the needs of the district.


A big part of being a school-based SLP calls for collaboration and creativity. You have the benefit of working side by side with nurses, teachers, psychologists, and other therapists to design models of services delivery and school initiatives that best meet the specific needs of the students. Being a school therapist can open up avenues in school administration, research participation, and the ability to develop specialization. Lastly, being a school-based SLP contributes greatly to the vocational, personal, and emotional well-being of students. We invite you to explore the rewarding career option that is school therapy and we hope that PDS can help you reach your full potential.

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