Advantages of Working For A Contracting Agency

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Here is some insight into the frequently asked question, “Should I go contract?”. Here are some solid reasons to seriously consider working for a contracting agency!

  1. Substantially higher pay– When you work as a contract employee, you get paid an hourly wage. That wage is negotiable with the contract company. You may be able to negotiate an hourly rate that is more in your favor, due to special skills that you may have (like speaking Spanish). Additionally, travel stipends can be negotiated as well. The hourly rate is typically higher than what a school employee would receive because the contract company does not provide a pension, health benefits, or summer pay. However, health insurance may be able to be negotiated with a contract company.
  2. Freedom from some of the requirements of a regular employee– Many contract employees can customize their schedules in ways that other employees cannot.
  3. More flexibility between schools and other settings– Working for a contract company means that if something is not working out in one school, district, or setting, a contract company will most likely have contacts and placements across many different settings.
  4. Ability to float geographically– Contract companies have branches all throughout the states – and potentially abroad as well. If you want to work in another state and you are unfamiliar with the area, going contract would be a great way to familiarize yourself with your surroundings.

In addition, working for a contracting agency is very advantageous if you are looking for a temporary move to a certain location or are new to the location and don’t know much about the area just yet.

If you want to hear more about these advantages first hand from one of our therapists, please contact us and we would be happy to arrange a meeting.

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